Proudly we want to let you know what we are, who we are and what we love to do. Leon Götz and Peter-Jan Boon, begin 20 and residents of the even and flat countries. Educated sport-instructors and early infected with the winter sports-virus, enough to make our work of our hobbies and sports. Is there something more beautiful than sharing your passion with other people, we don't think so! We love to see all the happy and white brown faces at the end of a lovely week in the mountains!

How do we call that... of course, it’s a goggle-face.


To make sure we can always have our goggle-face we decided to start the brand Goggleface.

From now on we can wear and show our Goggleface every time and every where.

Forget about the sun and suncream....


Embrace The Consequences and score your Goggleface!

Leon Götz

Founder & CEO - Goggleface


From Amsterdam to Kirchberg with Love!


Peter-Jan Boon

Co-founder & CEO - Goggleface


Ski good or kiss wood