Fjörd Lines


Fjörd Lines is a freeride movie shot in the East fjords of Iceland, starring the Icelandic snowboarder Rúnar Pétur.
It's a passion project between Rúnar and Vidir Björnsson.

Rúnar has had this idea for a long time to film his local lines around Neskaupstadur which is a small fishing village in Iceland.
It has been Rúnars dream since he was a kid to film these lines and share it with the world. Rúnar has spent many winters in the alps, living in his VAN riding with Korua Shapes. After spending a lot time there he felt that his heart truly belonged to the mountains back home.
Rúnar realized that he didn't need to travel half the world because his local mountains are freeride paradise.

The idea behind the movie is to show the unique landscape that Iceland has to offer mixed Rúnar's authentic style of snowboarding. Filmed in an artistic wat, simple snowboarding that people can relate to. In the movie Runar picks his local lines as close to the ocean as possible. Every curve made in the wind shaped mountains is deserved by many hours climbing from the ocean edge.
Ice is well know for wild weather conditions. When they decided to film this movie they knew it would take dedication and patience to get the shots. They Icelandic wild nature and the North Atlantic wind does not forgive That's why we really appreciate every single line filmed and ridden in this movie.

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